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Rejected Titles for Anderson Cooper’s New Daytime Talk Show, ‘Anderson’


* Anderson Cooper

* Andy

* Cooper’s Corner

* Cooptime

* The Coop

* On the Stoop with Coop

* Hangin’ With Mr. Anderson

* Anderson Cooper 180

* Fuck You, Nancy Grace

* The AC

* Seriously, Do Not Mistake My Girlish Giggles For Weakness, Nancy Grace, I Will Bite Off Your Face And Sell It To Gypsies If You Push Me

* Cooprah

Phish 1983 Shows


Phish played on 12/2 and 12/3/1983, though the second show in a VT dorm room was not recorded, and only Scarlet -> Fire exists from the infamous Cafeteria show.


Harris/Millis Cafeteria, University of Vermont 12/2/1983

Trey’s Basement, Princeton, NJ 12/25/1983

Bivuoac Jaun Demo 12/xx/1983